Paris NLP Meetup #5 Season 2 @ Snips

  • Adrien Ball, Snips

An Introduction to Snips NLU, the Open Source Library behind Snips Voice Platform

Integrating a voice or chatbot interface into a product used to require a Natural Language Understanding cloud service. Snips NLU is a Private by Design NLU engine. It can run on the edge or on a server, with minimal footprint, while performing as good or better than cloud solutions.


  • Jérôme Dockes, INRIA

Mapping neuroimaging text reports to spatial distributions over the brain.

We learn the statistical link between anatomical terms and spatial coordinates extracted from the neuroscience literature. This allows us to associate brain images with fragments of text which describe neuroimaging observations. Accessing the unstructured spatial information contained in such reports offers new possibilities for meta-analysis.


  • Charles Borderie, Victor de la Salmonière et Marian Szczesniak, Lettria

LETTRIA développe des outils de Traitement du Langage exclusivement dédiés à la compréhension du Français. L’accent est mis sur la facilité d’utilisation, la performance et l’appréciation du réel sens des mots.


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