Paris NLP Meetup #6 Season 2 @ LinkValue

You can find the video of the meetup here :

[Talk in English] Guillaume Barrois – Liegey Muller Pons
LMP is a technology company that develops tool to understand public opinion at a very local scale. This talk will present exemples of analysis that we apply to original textual data sources, in order to extract the dynamics and features of the opinion on a given territory.


[Talk in French] Ismael Belghiti – Hiresweet

HireSweet permet aux entreprises de recruter les meilleurs ingénieurs
en développant un moteur de recommandation classant des profils à partir d’une offre d’emploi. Ce talk présentera comment différentes techniques de NLP peuvent être appliquées pour calculer un score de matching entre un profil et une offre, en comparant leur performance sur une métrique de ranking dédiée.


• [Talk in English] Gil Katz earned his PhD in Information Theory from CentralSupélec in 2017. Today he is a senior data scientist in SAP Conversational AI (previously Recast.AI), based in Paris.

Unsupervised Learning and Word Embeddings

The field of Machine Learning can be divided into two main branches – supervised and unsupervised learning. While examples for applications of supervised learning are easy to come by, the power of unsupervised learning is less intuitive. In this talk, we will use the problem of representing words as a case study. The limitations of simple one-hot encoding will be discussed before describing the modern method of embedding words in a vector space of real numbers. After comparing several approaches, current advances and future challenges will be discussed.


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